With years of experience learning and teaching guitar I understand how difficult it can be trying to learn an instrument all on your own.

With so much information out there on how to learn and play the guitar it can be hard knowing what to learn and where to start.

With one-on-one Skype guitar lessons I can help you become the guitarist you want to be, by guiding you through the steps you need to take to get you there in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

If a personalized approach to learning the guitar in a relaxing environment is what you’re after then private Skype lessons might be just the thing you need to bring your guitar playing to the next level.

Also worth noting, Skype is absolutely free!




Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You are overwhelmed by the amount of information you think you need to learn
  • With the seemingly infinite number of online resources, you have no idea where to begin
  • You’ve hit a road block in your practicing and seem to be making little progress
  • You spend more of your time trying to figure out what to practice instead of actually practicing
  • You can’t find a local teacher that suits your needs
  • Music theory seems like a mystical language you may never learn to speak

Then online lessons is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


How Online Guitar Lessons Can Help

Still not sure if online lessons are the right thing for you?

Check out these different ways online lessons can help you out.

  • The opportunity to take guitar lessons in the comfort of your own home
  • Flexible lesson times to fit your schedule
  • No need to waste time and money on travelling to your guitar lesson
  • Help with developing a practice routine to help you meet your playing goals
  • The option to record your lessons for later review
  • Email correspondence between lessons


What You Will Need

Learning guitar at home couldn’t be easier and the only things you will need are:

  • Computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Guitar
  • Internet Connection
  • Skype Account (Free)


What You Will Get

Not only will you get personalized one-on-one lessons, but you will also get the benefit of these additional items:

  • PDF of all lesson materials, examples, notes, TAB and notation
  • Mp3 backing tracks
  • Email correspondence between lessons
  • Permission to record the video for later review


Learn When Is Best For You

There is no need to completely rearrange your schedule for your Skype guitar lessons as your lessons can be scheduled as follows:

  • One-off lesson
  • Once a week
  • Once every two weeks
  • Once a month
  • Customized schedule to best fit your needs


Online Guitar Lesson Pricing

Lesson prices are very affordable and you get a discount when booking multiple lessons.

  • $25 for a one-off 30 minute lesson
  • $40 for a one-off 60 minute lesson
  • $20 per 30 minute lesson when booking 2 or more
  • $30 per 60 minute lesson when booking 2 or more

Pricing in US Dollars.


Student Experience

“I am a 52 year old man who decided to finally learn to play the guitar.  I needed to find someone who would be up to the challenge of teaching me, and I am so happy to have found him in Andy Robinet.

Andy is a gifted, open, inspiring and, most of all, patient teacher.  He is somehow able to customize each lesson to help me focus on the next small step.  By providing me with specific exercises, and by helping me learn the songs that I want to learn, I have been able to rapidly acquire basic skills, gain confidence to play for family and friends, and to enjoy a great sense of accomplishment.  All this while maintaining my motivation to continue to learn and to practice.

I am very grateful to have met Andy and to be fortunate enough to learn from him.  But most of all I am so thankful for the way in which the gift of music has enriched my life.

I would most definitely and most highly recommend Andy as a teacher.  I am convinced that if he can teach me, he can teach anyone to learn to play and to love the guitar!”

-Brad Hinch, Canada


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