Are you looking for a straight to the point yet highly informative resource for learning the guitar?

Have you been playing guitar for a while but don’t really understand why all those notes you’re playing seem to fit together so well?

Are you a beginner looking for a go-to resource for getting started with the guitar?

Well then welcome to Andy Robinet Guitar!




Over the last decade I’ve had the joy of teaching over 100 students the ability to play the guitar.


There is nothing I love more than watching people grow and develop their own unique voice on the guitar.

I understand how difficult it can be trying to find the right information when it comes to learning the guitar.

I also understand how overwhelming it can be trying to learn an instrument like the guitar on your own with no one there to guide you.

This site was designed to provide easy-to-understand, in-depth guitar instruction on general guitar concepts with the aim of helping you become part of a larger community of musicians.

I want to help you develop your guitar skills with the ultimate goal of helping you grow into a musician, not just a guitar player, who can speak the language of music with other musicians.

I believe that being a musician is being part of a community and I hope to grow and strengthen this community by helping you become a part of it.

If you’re a complete beginner or someone with years of experience playing but lacking the understanding of why you can play what you can play Andy Robinet Guitar is the place for you.

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About Andy Robinet



I grew up in a small town in Canada and started playing guitar at the age of 11.

After taking private lessons for a while in rock and blues, I grew an interest in Classical and Jazz guitar and started studying with a local instructor who helped me work through RCM examinations.

During this time I started teaching guitar at a local music and arts studio and started experimenting with recording and writing on other instruments as well.

After high school I decided to pursue my passion of recording and moved to Toronto where I studied Sound and Music Recording at Recording Arts Canada.

Currently I teach guitar and play in a surf rock band called This Machine Kills Robots in which we write and record all of our own music.

I still have a love for learning and teaching the guitar which is exactly why I started this website.

I also know the importance of having a good mentor and was inspired to start taking online Jazz guitar lessons via Skype with Dr Matt Warnock to further my growth as a guitarist and teacher.

Guitar has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember and I hope the information and articles here can help you develop a life-long relationship with this wonderful instrument.